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LG G4 Dual-LTE Test Shoot

LG Reviews test trivia

 Soak in the great visual experiences with the LG G4 Dual-LTE's 16MP and F1.8 lens. It is Ideal for low light and portraits, this ultra-bright lens produces beautiful bokeh and wonderful, professional-looking photos that pop with clarity and detail. Review the following unedited photos for reference:

LG G4 Dual-LTE Test Shoot-photo-1

LG G4 Dual-LTE Test Shoot-photo-2

LG G4 Dual-LTE Test Shoot-photo-3

 Available for sale here

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Rihanna in Samsung's #ANTIdiary Series

News Samsung trivia

Despite Rihann's risque advents in her music videos and album covers, she has come to terms with her oddities with the new series of Samsung teasers dubbed the #ANTIdiary series. Featuring Rihanna and a seemingly quick cutaway to the Galaxy Note 5, the bizarre scenes do not disappoint. Not for the weak-hearted, the 4th installation of the clips feature her interactions with a tattoo-clad male. As she ravages his skin with a tattoo gun, a mysterious goo starts oozing from his orifices - grotesque even by her standards. 

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Celebrate Halloween with ASUS

ASUS trivia

A funny take on how ASUS ZenFone low-light mode delivers even to the most foul creatures of the night! 

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Samsung continues with iPhone teasing

Apple iPhone Samsung trivia

In Samsung's latest TV commercial on the Samsung Pay (fyi, not available in Singapore), the smartphone manufacturing giant daringly features the iPhone to be flatly declined at the cashier of an ice cream store. How's that for a direct jab at Apple's iPhone with the 6s launching this weekend?

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Samsung teases Apple in new TV commercial

Apple iPhone Product Videos Samsung trivia

With iPhone fever hitting our shores soon, Samsung has once again mocked Apple with a series of TV commercials. Titled "It's not a Phone, It's a Galaxy", this plays along Apple's headline: The only thing that's changed is everything. This is a remarkably candid take as it brings across Samsung's wireless charging technology, that unassumingly seems to tease the Keynote last week for having no mention on wireless charging on the latest iPhone 6s. The takeaway message left Samsung declaring "time to let go" - implying the imminent switch one needs to take for the incumbent iOS user.

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