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Sony Xperia Z5 Premium - are overheating woes over?

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While many Android smartphone manufacturers have close ties with Qualcomm, the arrival of the SnapDragon 810 processor has been greeted by fans with polarised reception. Reports of overheating were widely publicised and reviews had further exacerbated the endless complaints on overheating issues.

With the arrival of the newly announced Sony Xperia Z5 Premium, and a confirmation that the 810 would be housed within, one might draw a conclusion that these issues will persist nonetheless. Rather than following other manufacturers, Sony had reworked a design solution to reduce, and hopefully negate the heat issues with the chipset. 

Drawing heat away from the SnapDragon, Sony had introduced more copper in its interior works. Granted the 4k video recording will put much strain on the processing, the doubled presence of Copper will disperse heat more effectively. Expect to see an updated report when we get to test this out soon in Singapore.

Via Forbes

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