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3 Free Awesome Android Apps for Smartphone Beginners


After a bout of picking a large screen Android handset, it is time to download 3 of the most valuable (and free) apps you need on Android - this apart from your social holy trinity of Facebook, Instagram and Youtube.

1. Dropbox

Everything's about the cloud these days and storage for files, photos, texts are just simply overwhelming. You wouldn't want to lose any of those precious moments and Dropbox has been the most accessible cloud storage service ever. Upload at will and have them synced up to your olders on the trusty ol' PC. You will never need a thumb drive ever again. 


2. VLC for Android

How many times have you wondered wouldn't it be best to have one media player to play them all? VLC is your be all to end all. This open-source app plays an incredible array of media formats (take that, Quicktime, Windows Media Player).



IFTTT stands for “If This Then That” and it's every programmer's dream come true. Productivity has never been as seamless without IFTTT automatically synced to perform preset actions on a regular basis. i.e. saving a photo to Flickr everytime you snap a photo. Create your own recipes and customise your phone actions. And yes, it works with Dropbox too!



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